An Executive Guide to Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed property is an issue that impacts corporations of all shapes and sizes and across all industries.

Within this whitepaper we will provide an overview of escheatment and unclaimed property, as well as the hidden risks and liabilities that can often exist and impact your corporation and your shareholders.

Why Should You Care?

Although many companies are aware of unclaimed property and its compliance requirements, far too many companies fail to see its impact on their business beyond face value.

Identify Hidden Risks & Liabilities

How many of your customers or investors have assets at risk of escheatment? What can you do to protect these assets?

Reducing Operational Costs

How much are you paying in unnecessary fees to maintain these at-risk assets and accounts?

Trust the Experts

There are 55 unique reporting jurisdictions and 55 unique sets of reporting requirements. Keane’s specialists ensure compliance with each and every one of them.

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