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Wed, December 7, 2016

We are witnessing a potential shift in Delaware’s position on unclaimed property gift card planning structures (often referred to as “Giftco” structures), which could significantly impact the hundreds of retailers and restaurants that have structured their affairs in reliance on Delaware’s historical practice of respecting these structures.

Join representatives from Keane and guest panelist Ethan D. Millar, Partner at Alston & Bird LLP, for this 60-minute webinar which will provide an update on what’s driving Delaware’s change in position and what retail organizations can and should do to take action.

In addition to examining the legal impact of these changes, the presentation will examine an unclaimed property case study of a retail organization and how it is addressing the complexities of gift card planning structures and the escheatment of gift cards.

  • What are Giftco Planning Structures?
  • What’s Driving Delaware’s Change in Position?
  • Practical Implications for Retail Companies & Restaurant Chains that utilize Giftcos
  • Audit Risks for Retail Companies & Restaurant Chains

Speakers & Presenters

Debbie L. Zumoff

Chief Compliance Officer & Managing Director

Ethan D. Millar

Alston & Bird

Ann Fulmer

Director, Consulting & Advisory Services

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