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Thu, September 27, 2012

In recent months, states and third-party auditors have begun to target brokerage firms for unclaimed property audits. Both online and traditional brokers have been targeted or have already received audit notification letters – and your firm could be next.

To help your firm prepare for and/or prevent a broker audit, Keane invites you to view the replay of our recent webinar, “Unclaimed Property Audits & the Brokerage Industry.”

This one-hour session was hosted by Mike Ryan, Senior Vice President, Valerie Jundt, Managing Director of Keane’s National Consulting & Advisory Team, and Debbie Zumoff, Chief Compliance Officer. 

Topics include:

  • The rise of broker audits and the reasons behind them
  • Escheatment based on contact, RPO, and/or a combination of the two
  • An update on where SEC Rule 17Ad-17 regulation is today – Best practices to prevent and/or prepare for a third-party audit

Learn more about Keane’s unclaimed propery audit assistance & support services.

Speakers & Presenters

Valerie Jundt

Managing Director
Keane National Consulting & Advisory Group

Debbie Zumoff, J.D.

Chief Compliance Officer

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