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Fri, April 25, 2014

What’s New, What Remains, and What’s Your Strategy?

Unclaimed property regulation and audits continue to remain in the spotlight. Ongoing review of life insurers’ business practices by state administrators and insurance regulators have resulted in numerous unclaimed property settlements, fines and penalties. Now, more than ever, it is critical for carriers to understand their business obligations and adopt operational strategies, practices and workflows that streamline their compliance efforts.

This 60-minute presentation from Keane and MIB details the current unclaimed property environment for life insurers and recommended best practices for achieving and maintaining compliance. Speakers will include Valerie Jundt, Managing Director of Keane Consulting & Advisory Services, Paul MacCready, Keane Director of Insurance Solutions, and Tom King, Regional Vice President of Sales for MIB.

Specific topics include:

  • An overview of unclaimed property requirements, recent legislative updates, and enforcement.
  • Where life insurers stand with unclaimed property; what are the latest regulations, and developments and action items for insurers’ compliance.
  • How selecting the right DMF solution can build efficiencies across your company’s compliance workflows and improve the adjudication process.
  • How leading life insurers across the industry are managing compliance.
  • Whether or not a Global Resolution Agreement is right for your organization.

Speakers & Presenters

Val Jundt

Managing Director
Keane Consulting & Advisory Services

Paul MacCready

Director of Insurance Solutions
Keane Consulting & Advisory Services

Tom King

Regional Vice President

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