Unclaimed Property Compliance Portal

Keane Unclaimed Property Compliance Portal

A Comprehensive Online Resource for Escheat Compliance

Unclaimed property compliance can be challenging. Escheatment regulations and unclaimed property legislation are constantly changing, and vary by state, industry, and property type. To help address these challenges, the compliance experts at Keane have introduced their Unclaimed Property Compliance Portal.

Keane Unclaimed Property Compliance Portal

Keane’s Compliance Portal provides the necessary tools to stay up to date with the ever-changing world of unclaimed property and ensure compliance.  The Compliance Portal is a subscription-based service which includes access to multiple educational and operational resources that are continuously monitored and updated by the compliance experts at Keane.  Subscriptions to Keane’s Compliance Portal can be customized to suit your company’s unique business needs and compliance objectives. Available within the Compliance Portal are:

  • Legislative Tracking – A compliance database, where all legislative, regulatory, and administrative activities impacting unclaimed property compliance are tracked. This database can be searched and filtered based upon your business needs.
  • Legislative Alerts – Real time notifications of proposed, passed, and amended legislation
  • State Reporting Profiles – A set of detailed documents providing all the necessary “mechanical” elements to accurately report unclaimed property and remit payment to each of the 55 reporting jurisdictions.
  • Dormancy Information – A searchable database of all dormancy periods across industry, jurisdiction, property code or property type.
  • KeaNotes® – Keane’s premier unclaimed property newsletter that provides the latest legislation and industry news.

For additional information on Keane’s unclaimed property compliance portal, please view the brief video below, or visit www.keanecompliance.com.

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