Bill Berger

Executive Vice President

Bill Berger has been with Keane for 27 years, working in the Legal Claimant Services division, holding
several key management roles to locate and reunite legal claimants with unclaimed assets. Because of his
extensive knowledge in the insurance industry and DMF, Bill has served as the subject matter expert in
advanced location and outreach to plan beneficiaries.

In Bill’s current role as Executive Vice President, his key focus is to improve the processes Keane uses for
locating legal claimants and owners and providing outreach to them, with the ultimate goal of ensuring
Keane clients escheat as little as possible each cycle. He ensures that each client’s individual needs are
met with customized solutions his teams utilize to provide the most accurate and updated claimant or
owner information.

Bill holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from St. Joseph University.

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