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Account Owner & Shareholder Communications:

Entrust your investors and your customers to the industry leaders.

Keane’s customized outreach and shareholder communications programs drive shareowner action and deliver clear, measurable results. Our programs have helped hundreds of Fortune 1000 corporations, brokerages, insurers, banks, and mutual funds protect their investors and customers while reducing their risk and increasing customer satisfaction. In fact, Keane was rated the #1 lost shareholder search and asset recovery services firm in the nation for the fifth consecutive year by Group 5, an independent consulting and corporate services research company.

Just as no two companies are the same, neither are our investor communication programs. Each of our programs can be customized to meet the needs of our individual clients and their respective industry. From verifying the beneficiaries of life insurance policies to identifying owners of abandoned safety deposit boxes, our programs are tailored to meet and exceed our clients’ goals and expectations.

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Led by a team of dedicated account recovery specialists from our Legal Claimant Services division, we perform a proprietary data analysis of all investor data and improve record accuracy. Our shareholder communications programs are highly successful at motivating responses from individual shareowners, account owners, heirs, and beneficiaries of estates. We maintain the highest concern for each of our clients’ reputations throughout our efforts to reconnect our clients with their lost accounts and have industry leading satisfaction scores as a result.

Keane has an unrivaled record of locating owners of unclaimed assets or dormant accounts. By reconnecting with these account holders, we are able to minimize escheatment while helping our customers retain and reactivate accounts that were previously considered lost or abandoned. Our communications services ensure adherence with SEC regulations and state escheat rules, reduce compliance costs, and improve customer/asset retention.

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