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Spring 2020

Audit Trends
Audits, Are They Contagious?
Mergers & Acquisitions, Exposing the Unexposed Risk
Obligations for Nonprofit Organizations
Poor Last Known Address Data Quality Can Lead to Rejected Reports
An Oil & Gas Bankruptcy Related Ruling – Why Does This Matter?
New Federal Laws Affecting IRA Escheatment
KUPS Update
Consistent Holder Advocacy in the Wake of Recent RUUPA-Influenced Legislation
Litigation Update
Legislative Update (available with compliance portal)
Keane Expert Spotlight: Ray Boone

Winter 2019

Self-Assess of be Assessed Interest – This is Now the Question
Industry Table Talk: Transfer Agents Discuss Unclaimed Property
Where Liability Lies
Keane Unclaimed Property System (KUPS) Update
Audit Update: Texas
Buried Treasure
Texas House Bill 3598
Virtual Currency Update
VDAs – Not Just for Delaware
RUUPA Round Up
Holders Eagerly Await News from the IRS and Treasury
Litigation Update
Legislative Update (available with compliance portal)
Keane Expert Spotlight: Debbie L. Zumoff, JD

Summer 2019

Unclaimed Property Compliance in the Oil & Gas Industry: Feedback from the Field
It’s Like Déjà vu All Over Again
Preparing for an Estimated Liability Assessment in an Unclaimed Property Audit
Litigation Update
Keane Unclaimed Property System (KUPS) Has Launched!
RUUPA Round Up
Virtual Currency and New York A 8314
Keane Expertise Spotlight: Barbara Rice, State Compliance Liaison

Spring 2019

The Big Easy: Effortless Solutions to Maximize Unclaimed Property Revenue Potential
On the Horizon: What’s New at Keane
Protecting Acquiring Companies from Unforeseen Unclaimed Property Risks
One Company’s Path to GDPR and Privacy Compliance
Looking Ahead in 2019: Current Trends in State Compliance Efforts
Litigation Update
RUUPA Round Up

Fall 2018

An Interview with the Delaware State Escheator
IRS Revenue Ruling 2018-17 Update
Bankruptcy: New Terrain in Unclaimed Property
A Comparison of the 3 Unclaimed Property Uniform Models
Litigation Update

Summer 2018

Keanotes Summer 2018 Issue

Starting from the Ground Up: Building an Unclaimed Property Compliance Program
Delaware’s VDA Program and Its Influence Regarding Ongoing Compliance
Is There a Trend Toward True Escheat?
Proposed California Voluntary Disclosure Agreement Program
Kentucky Latest to Enact RUUPA-Like Legislation
Balancing Act: How Financial Institutions Can Turn a Compliance Obligation into a Revenue Opportunity

Spring 2018

2018 Brings Significant Investments in Unclaimed Property Education & Technology to Keane
Predicting the Possible “Perfect Storm” of Unclaimed Property Trends 2018
Unclaimed Property Case Study: Enterprise -Wide Risk Assessment and Procedure Enhancement
Oil & Gas Spotlight: Why Are Auditors Testing Royalty Checks?
ADVISORY: Possible Amendment to the National Bank Act

Winter 2017

Keanotes: Winter 2017 Issue

Winter 2017: Securities Update: Commercial Stock Transfer Agents & Their Issuers Facing Equity Audits
Winter 2017: Banking Industry Update: Another Wave of Audits
Winter 2017: Delaware Promulgation of Regulations: Holder Options to Consider
Winter 2017: Spring Unclaimed Property Overview
Winter 2017: Tennessee and Illinois Pull from RUUPA: Confusion Ensues
Winter 2017: Illinois Removes B2B Exemptions: What Happened & What’s Next?

Summer 2017

Summer 2017: Audit Trends and Updates from the Field
Summer 2017: Delaware’s Recent Legislative Activity – How does it Impact Companies Currently under Audit as well as Those Considering the SOS VDA Program?
Summer 2017: Unclaimed Property Compliance in a Decentralized Environment
Summer 2017: Case Study: Outsourcing an Unclaimed Property Subject Matter Expert
Summer 2017: Broker-Dealers and Securities: Top Five Unclaimed Property Issues
Summer 2017: Unclaimed Property Reporting: Tips for Success Q&A
Summer 2017: Florida Death Master File Search Litigation: The Heat is On

Spring 2017

Spring 2017: All Eyes on Delaware: DE SB 13 Update
Spring 2017: FinTech & Unclaimed Property: A New Industry with New Challenges
Spring 2017: Unclaimed Property Considerations for Companies with Large Subscriber Populations
Spring 2017: After the Reports Have Been Filed – Now What?
Spring 2017: Unclaimed Property as a Profit Center
Spring 2017: Litigation Update
Spring 2017: Broker Dealer & Mutual Fund Industry Updates
Spring 2017: Insurance Industry Update
Spring 2017: Banking Industry Update
Spring 2017: Oil & Gas Industry Update
Spring 2017: VDA & Enforcement Update

Fall 2016

Fall 2016 Keanotes
Fall 2016: Unclaimed Property 101 – Reporting & Remitting Unclaimed Property
Fall 2016: Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (RUUPA) Business Scorecard
Fall 2016: Preparing For a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement – Do’s and Dont’s
Fall 2016: Delaware Unclaimed Property Litigation Update
Fall 2016: The Changing Landscape of Gift Card Planning Structures

Summer 2016

Summer 2016: California Securities Escheatment Update
Summer 2016: Unclaimed Property Litigation Update
Summer 2016: Too Much Unclaimed Property?
Summer 2016: Retirement Plan Products – an Unclaimed Property Perspective
Summer 2016: Unclaimed Property 101 – Effective Due Diligence

Spring 2016

Keanotes Spring 2016 Cover
Spring 2016: Gift Instruments
Spring 2016: Litigation
Spring 2016: Reporting Changes Updates
Spring 2016: Oil Gas
Spring 2016: Legislative Activity
Spring 2016: Life Insurance
Spring 2016: Broker Dealer Mutual Funds
Spring 2016: Banks Financial Institutions
Spring 2016: Enforcement Voluntary Compliance Initiatives

Fall 2015

Keanotes Fall 2015
Fall 2015: Unclaimed Property 101 – Data Collection & Analysis
Fall 2015: Current Litigation Shedding Light On State Conduct & Audit Consequences
Fall 2015: A Focus on Data Integrity for Better Compliance and Customer Communication
Fall 2015: The Changing Unclaimed Property Audit Frontier
Fall 2015: Outside The Box – Alternate Applications for Owner Communication Programs
Fall 2015: Delaware Legislative Update Senate Bill 141 Enacted

Summer 2015

Keanotes - Summer 2015
Summer 2015: The Hidden Cost Of Death Master File Matching
Summer 2015: Competing Priorities: The Alternative Reporting Maze for Oil and Gas Holders
Summer 2015: Mitigating California Unclaimed Property Penalties
Summer 2015: Unclaimed Property Litigation Update
Summer 2015: Recent Developments in Financial Services & Insurance
Summer 2015: Uniform Unclaimed Property Law Revision

Winter 2015

Winter 2015: Safe Deposit Box Reporting Challenges
Winter 2015: Escheatment Of Roth IRAs in Pennsylvania
Winter 2015: Reform Efforts – The Delaware Unclaimed Property Task Force
Winter 2015: Compliance Update – Temple Inland vs. Delaware
Winter 2015: Shifting Sands: How Has the Basis of Unclaimed Property Enforcement Changed?

Fall 2014

Keanotes Newsletter
Fall 2014: Florida Life Insurance Escheatment Triggers
Fall 2014: Temple Inland Delaware Audit
Fall 2014: Unclaimed Property Risks Banks
Fall 2014: Illinois Beneficiary Location Legislation
Fall 2014: Unpresented Bearer Bonds Unclaimed Property
Fall 2014: Mergers Acquisitions Unclaimed Property Implications

Summer 2014

Summer 2014: Select Medical Corporation Settlement
Summer 2014: Beneficiary Location Legislation Update
Summer 2014: Sta Guideline Shareholder Initiated Activities
Summer 2014: Iras Unclaimed Property Risk
Summer 2014: Challenges Of Unclaimed Property Compliance
Summer 2014: Activity Based Compliance Solutions

Spring 2014

Spring 2014: Electronic Unclaimed Property Reporting
Spring 2014: Escheatment Triggers
Spring 2014: Sec 17ad 17 Regulations Deadline
Spring 2014: Unclaimed Property Reform
Spring 2014: West Virginia Court Ruling
Spring 2014: Unclaimed Property Compliance Services
Spring 2014: Global Resolution Agreement Overview
Spring 2014: Centralized Or Decentralized

Fall 2013

Fall 2013: Legislative Updates Summer 2013
Fall 2013: Uniform Unclaimed Property Law
Fall 2013: Global Resolution Agreements
Fall 2013: Brokerage Industry Trends
Fall 2013: Unclaimed Mineral Interests

Summer 2013

Keanotes - Summer 2013
Summer 2013: International Unclaimed Property
Summer 2013: Challenge Of Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Law
Summer 2013: Legislative Updates Spring 2013
Summer 2013: Access To Death Master File
Summer 2013: Life Insurance Beneficiary Location Legislation
Summer 2013: Delaware Vda Program Update

Spring 2013

Keanotes - Unclaimed Property News & Escheat Laws By State
Spring 2013: Sec Rule 17Ad 17 Revisions Update
Spring 2013: Keane Unclaimed Property Reporting Group
Spring 2013: Legislative Regulatory Updates
Spring 2013: Middle Market Unclaimed Property Audits
Spring 2013: Reciprocal Unclaimed Property Reporting
Spring 2013: Delaware Unclaimed Property Vda Program

Fall 2012

Fall 2012: Proactive Risk Assessment
Fall 2012: Legislative Updates
Fall 2012: Focus On Unclaimed Property Fraud
Fall 2012: Delaware Voluntary Disclosure Agreement Program
Fall 2012: Best Practices Preventing Fraud

Summer 2012

Summer 2012: First States Pass New Insurance Laws
Summer 2012: New Jersey Unclaimed Property Reporting Of Stored Value Cards
Summer 2012: Legislative Regulatory Updates Spring 2012
Summer 2012: New Jersey Gift Card Saga Continues To Evolve Rapidly
Summer 2012: Bank Accounts Under Pressure

Winter 2012

Winter 2012: California Retained Asset Accounts
Winter 2012: Recent Additions To Keane
Winter 2012: Legislative And Regulatory Updates
Winter 2012: Integrating Unclaimed Property Management Into Core Business Processes
Winter 2012: Delaware Unclaimed Property Footnotes
Winter 2012: Delaware Unclaimed Property Enforcement
Winter 2012: A Year Of Uncompromising Performance
Winter 2012: Oil Gas And Unclaimed Property

Summer 2011

Summer 2011: Insurance Industry Developments Current Events
Summer 2011: Legislative And Regulatory Updates
Summer 2011: Sec Takes Comments On 17ad17 Final Rule Anticipated
Summer 2011: Reporting Deadlines Based On State Fiscal Years An Inconvenient Change
Summer 2011: Keane Welcomes Michael Wood
Summer 2011: Keane Welcomes Former Internal Auditor Cornel Lupu
Summer 2011: Kelmar The Unclaimed Property Auditor With A New Face
Summer 2011: Insurance Industry Standards

Spring 2011

Spring 2011: Navigating The Complexities Of Unclaimed Property Compliance
Spring 2011: Keane Welcomes Pamela Wentz
Spring 2011: Legislative Regulatory Updates
Spring 2011: Oil Gas Fueling Unclaimed Property Audits
Spring 2011: Unclaimed Property Internal Auditor
Spring 2011: Insurance Industry Under Audit Again

Winter 2011

Winter 2011: New Jersey Court Questions New Gift Card Law Temporarily Halts Enforcement
Winter 2011: New Year New Keane
Winter 2011: Hot Topic Corporate Asset Recovery
Winter 2011: Keane Welcomes Valerie Jundt
Winter 2011: Legislative Regulatory Updates 2
Winter 2011: The 2010 Legislative Year In Review Whats New In Unclaimed Property Law For 2011

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