Public Corporations

Public Corporations: Shareholder Location & Investor Analysis

Keane supports hundreds of public corporations by locating, communicating with, and assisting shareholders whose stock holdings are at risk of becoming unclaimed property. Our shareholder location services offer advanced assistance for “lost” shareholders whose address information has become outdated and could not be resolved through the two electronic searches conducted by the transfer agent.

Aside from locating lost shareholders, our services are designed to ensure compliance and minimize the risks and liabilities that typically reside in a shareholder file. Keane’s specialists work to develop a mitigation strategy for correcting information from deceased shareholder accounts—including the efforts of our Legal Claimant Services division to locate heirs, beneficiaries and estate representatives, as appropriate.

Our clients receive first-class service that has earned Keane the #1 rating for shareowner location and asset recovery services for the last five years in Group Five’s annual Shareholder Services Industry Satisfaction Survey.

Our Approach to Shareholder Locations & Investor Analysis

With more than 200 employees and a team of leading consultants, Keane helps companies with a variety of needs and specialty programs including: detailed shareholder data analysis, unique communication projects, post-merger clean-up projects, unclaimed property consulting, and the resolution of complicated estate matters.

Our customized programs help clients:

  • Improve investor communication and retain at-risk shareholders
  • Reduce unnecessary operational and mailing costs
  • Reduce the risk of identity theft, fraud, state fines and penalties
  • Proactively identify deceased shareholders and correct or distribute their accounts
  • Avoid compliance issues and access timely advice from leading unclaimed property consultants

As with all of Keane’s outsourced communication programs we provide regular reports to executives that demonstrate the measurable results.

Additional Solutions

Aside from our shareholder services and communications programs, Keane assists public corporations across a variety of industries in properly reporting unclaimed property, minimizing escheatment, and complying with federal and state regulations through the help of our National Consulting & Advisory Services Team.

To learn more about our Shareholder Location Services for Public Corporations, speak with an Unclaimed Property Specialist at 800-848-8896 or email us at [email protected]

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