Keane Rated #1 Lost Shareholder Search Firm for 3rd Consecutive Year

- New York, NY - February 4, 2013

Keane was rated the number one provider of lost shareholder search and asset recovery services for 2012 by Group Five, a Princeton, NJ based consulting and corporate services research company. This marks the third consecutive year that Keane has received the honor.

Keane received an industry leading client satisfaction rating of 88%, compared to the industry average of 80%. The rating is the end result of Group Five’s 2012 Shareholder Services Industry Satisfaction Report, which surveyed over 800 public corporations – representing over 30 million registered shareowners.

Top Lost Shareholder Search Firm
For the 3rd consecutive year, Keane was rated the top lost shareholder search firm.

“Keane’s commitment to putting our customers and their shareowners first, drives our success,” said CEO Mike O’Donnell. “It’s an honor to be recognized once again by our clients for our superior service. Our team will use this recognition as motivation to continue to set the standard higher.”

Keane is the leading provider of lost shareholder search and location services to public corporations and corporate transfer agents. Our team of unclaimed property experts assists public corporations by improving investor communication and retaining at-risk shareholders through proactive outreach.

“Despite the fact that we have won this award for the third straight year, there are no plans to rest on our laurels,” noted O’Donnell. “The unclaimed property landscape is dynamic, and states are looking for new ways to take advantage of this potential source of revenue. This is particularly crucial for companies that issue stock. Auditors are looking beyond the general ledger, and are now asking to review shareholder records in search of past-due property. To stay number one, our focus is on constantly learning, adapting, and growing to ensure we’re prepared to offer the advice and assistance that clients need.”

For additional information on the Group Five Shareholder Services Survey & Report, please visit their website at

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