Webinar Transcript: Unclaimed Property Reporting – Best Practices for Compliance

Learn how to Defeat Escheat with some helpful tips and unclaimed property compliance best practices.

The complete presentation transcript from our recent webinar provides a wealth of knowledge on how organizations of all sizes can achieve and maintain compliance with state unclaimed property laws, along with a complete look at how the current unclaimed property audit and enforcement landscape can affect your company’s compliance initiatives.

Unclaimed Property Reporting Best Practices

Review best practices for properly tracking and reporting unclaimed property.

Tips for Success During the Spring & Fall Escheat Seasons

Get a month-by-month guide on the activities you should be performing prior to each reporting deadline.

Common Escheat Reporting Errors

See some of the common mistakes that can result in fines, penalties, and ultimately audits.

The Current Unclaimed Property Audit & Enforcement Landscape

Who are the auditors you should know? What are they looking for and how can you prepare your organization?