Reference Map – States with Current Pay Statutes

Oil & Gas companies must account for a multitude of industry-specific nuances regarding unclaimed property reporting and compliance. One such nuance is the use of “Current Pay” statutes.  These laws mandate that when a mineral interest is presumed abandoned and required to be escheated, all other outstanding mineral interests owed to the same owner are also to be presumed abandoned.

Identify all jurisdictions with Current Pay statutes in place with this free resource map from Keane. Keep this resource on hand to compare the Current Pay states against your outstanding liabilities to ensure you’re not under-reporting your obligations.

Identify Current Pay States

Easily identify the states that have current pay statutes in place.

Avoid Under-Reporting Your Obligations

Failure to adhere to current pay statutes may result in under-reporting mineral interest property due in the current cycle.

Ensure Compliance & Minimize Audit Risks

Under-reporting mineral interests, or failing to report at all can significantly raise your risk of an audit and subject your organization to costly fines and penalties.