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Banking & Unclaimed Property Best Practices

The escheatment of customer accounts is a growing liability for banks and credit unions. In fact, the State of New York recently acknowledged that 40% of escheated assets are from banks and credit unions. Leveraging our expertise and experience, we created this free whitepaper which describes some of the prominent unclaimed property trends and best practices in the banking industry.

Retain Assets

Every year, millions of dollars in banking assets are lost to escheatment. How much of that total is yours?

Reduce Costs

Keane's processes reduce the costs associated with proactive customer outreach and unclaimed property reporting.

Minimize Escheat

Utilizing Keane's best practices can reduce the amount of escheat risk by up to 90% each year.

Protect Customer Relationships

When a customer's account is escheated, they won't blame the state. They'll blame you. By proactively addressing unclaimed property you can protect your customers and their assets.