KUPS Update: Keane Unclaimed Property System

By Joe Pollock, Vice President of Reporting

December 19, 2019

Keane Unclaimed Property System (KUPS) is progressing as scheduled and we’ve made some exciting new advancements.

The Fall 2019 reporting cycle was the first in which Keane ran KUPS in a production environment. We processed just over 55% of all client files through KUPS. This achievement was possible due to the great effort and support from Keane’s development, compliance and reporting teams. In this fall 2019 deployment, KUPS was only available for use by Keane’s internal operations personnel. During our Summer edition of Keanotes we shared the news that there would be an externally facing component for our clients. We are excited to announce that the KUPS Client dashboard will become available to all unclaimed property reporting clients during Q1 of 2020. This initial release of the client dashboard will not contain any non-public personal information.

The KUPS client dashboard homepage includes a list of services provided, a calendar of client specific reporting events, primary contact information, links to useful Keane content, and current status information. The dashboard also includes customized maps showing reporting deadlines, reportable property, and future due property. Workflow information, validation, mailing information, and statistics are also available via the client dashboard.

We can’t wait to share the KUPS client dashboard in Q1 2020.

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