Keane Expertise Spotlight: Barbara Rice, State Compliance Liaison

August 28, 2019

Since joining Keane in early 2013, Barbara Rice has been working with Keane clients in achieving positive outcomes in state-related matters. Through the extensive experience acquired during the over twenty years she served as a state unclaimed property administrator, Barbara provides valuable assistance to Keane clients in their compliance efforts.

The many, varied and frequently-changing state laws and policies present a challenge to attaining, and maintaining, unclaimed property compliance. Barbara’s considerable experience as a state administrator provides Keane clients with insight as to what is expected and how best to fulfill the states’ requirements. The relationships Barbara has maintained with the state administrators, and other unclaimed property state officials, benefit Keane clients in those situations where coordination with a state is needed to address a unique situation or resolve a complex issue.

Prior to Keane, Barbara served as South Carolina Assistant State Treasurer and Unclaimed Property Administrator. Previous to her South Carolina position, she managed Ohio’s unclaimed property program in her role as the Deputy Director of the Ohio Department of Commerce. Before entering the Unclaimed Property industry, Barbara held executive leadership positions in The Clinton Oil Company and its affiliate, LDC Securities, and in The Ohio Company, a regional investment banking firm. As a recognized unclaimed property expert, Barbara has been a speaker at conferences and educational events at the state and national levels. Both NAUPA and UPPO have recognized her significant contributions to the unclaimed property profession.

In addition to Barbara’s twenty years of unclaimed property experience, Keane offers the expertise of multiple former seasoned state unclaimed property officials and auditors. Thanks to such vast state unclaimed property experience, Keane clients receive valuable insights and best practices for fulfilling state compliance requirements. This “insider” perspective provides Keane clients with a road-map to guide them down the most efficient and effective path for reaching their compliance goals.

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