KUPS Update

By Joe Pollock, Senior Vice President of Unclaimed Property Reporting Operations

March 24, 2020

Backed by Keane’s dedicated IT, compliance and operational teams KUPS is the only solution needed for every step in the reporting process. KUPS acts as a repository for all unclaimed property data, allowing Keane to create liability analysis, due diligence mailings and final reports for all clients.

KUPS processing power can analyze 3.5 million records and produce 350 thousand due diligence letters per hour!

Our convenient client dashboard, shown below, facilitates simple management of
workflows, documents, and timelines. The dashboard makes it easy for clients to be aware of where they are in the reporting process.

The client dashboard includes:

  • Current Status Timeline
  • Calendar of Events
  • Reporting Deadlines Interactive Map
  • Reportable Property Interactive Map
  • Future Due Property Interactive Map
  • Validation Statistics
  • Mailing Statistics
  • QC Validation Statistics
  • Property and Holder Count

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