Estate Research & Recovery

Estate Research & Recovery

Keane specializes in estate research, account recovery, and the extensive investigative searches needed to locate and communicate with heirs and beneficiaries when the original account owners are deceased.

Backed by the account recovery specialists within our Legal Claimant Services division, these experienced trust & estate attorneys, genealogical experts, and recovery specialists understand the intricacies of each state’s estate laws and court system. As a result, we have a remarkable track record for successfully untangling even the most complex genealogical webs, finding family members, and preventing accounts from escheating. Through our estate research and owner location services customer relationships can be rekindled or started anew once customers are made aware of these dormant accounts.

We have unmatched resources for resolving these often complex situations, including a nationwide communication network with local and municipal courts, highly skilled estate specialists, and a library of hard-copy and electronic data that exists nowhere else in the world. Our staff is comprised of former estate administrators and litigators, public administrators, and estate attorneys. We have settled over hundreds of thousands of complex claims by beneficiaries and heirs, helping clients protect their investors, shareowners, policy owners, beneficiaries, and customers.

Our Estate Research & Recovery services can:

  • Identify decedents and verify the proper heirs and beneficiaries of life insurance policy benefits
  • Search for rightful heirs of dormant bank accounts, certificates of deposit, safety deposit boxes, and additional banking properties
  • Locate lost investors and shareholders of public corporations and mutual funds

However, our ability to navigate the complex legal environment of estates, wills, and trusts is only one part of the solution. Keane is uniquely positioned to go one step further and conduct outbound communication programs and customized owner location services that are custom tailored to your individual business needs. Our comprehensive suite of services allows us to address individual portions of the estate recovery process, or manage the entire program from start to finish.

Questions on our Estate Research & Recovery services? Speak to an Unclaimed Property expert at 800-848-8896 or email us at [email protected]

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