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Keanotes®: Unclaimed Property News, Laws and Trends

Keanotes Summer 2017Escheat laws by state can be difficult to keep track of, as no two states interpret unclaimed property in the same way. State escheatment laws can differ based on a variety of factors, including property type, dormancy period, and compliance requirements, among other factors.

Keanotes®, our industry leading compliance journal, eases the burden of tracking the various escheat laws by state by providing an in-depth view and analysis of unclaimed property regulations and state escheatment laws. Keanotes also includes editorial coverage of ongoing legislation changes, legislative summaries of escheat rules by state, guest columnists from state and industry professionals, Q&A sessions, continuous interpretation and recommendations to effectively comply with unclaimed property laws while increasing your company’s bottom line.

The compliance experts at Keane can help to keep you up to date the various escheat laws by state by providing real-time alerts when significant changes are made to unclaimed property regulations and state escheatment laws. Subscribers to Keane’s Unclaimed Property Compliance Portal will also receive access to view additional details on the legislative change, including a summary of the legislation and an analysis of its impact.

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Contents of Latest Issue

Unclaimed Property Compliance in a Decentralized Environment

Roberta Pecoraro, Senior Consultant

Managing unclaimed property in a decentralized environment poses significant challenges. In addition to the age old debate of reporting under the parent company legal entity or multiple reports under each legal entity, multi-divisional entities face additional complexities regarding unclaimed property compliance and reporting.

Case Study: Outsourcing an Unclaimed Property Subject Matter Expert

Roberta Pecoraro, Senior Consultant

When the corporate unclaimed property subject matter expert left a company’s employ, Keane was engaged to “step into her shoes” becoming the company’s unclaimed property point person. The company operates in a mostly decentralized environment other than payroll which is centralized at corporate headquarters. Read more about the challenges faced and tips for success.

Broker-Dealers and Securities: Top Five Unclaimed Property Issues

Wilson Barmeyer, Holly Smith, Phillip Stano, & Mary Jane Wilson-Bilik; Attorneys at Eversheds-Sutherland

While securities have long been a hot spot for unclaimed property issues, the past several years have seen a continued expansion of audit activity targeting broker-dealers, stock issuers, transfer agents, mutual funds, banks, and others in the financial services industry.  Unclaimed property laws—and unclaimed property audits—can present a number of specific challenges in this space.  In this article, we highlight five of the key issues.

Unclaimed Property Reporting: Tips for Success Q&A

Keane Unclaimed Property Team

Keane recently hosted a webinar entitled, “Unclaimed Property Reporting & Compliance: Best Practices & Tips for Success.” Our presentation reviewed escheat reporting best practices, legislative and administrative updates, and how to prepare for the upcoming fall reporting season. At the conclusion of every webinar, we conduct a live question and answer session. Below are questions […]

Florida Death Master File Search Litigation: The Heat is On

Heather Gabell, J.D., Director of Compliance

Life insurers remain on alert and await the court’s decision – will the retroactive search requirement stand in Florida, or will the state fall in line with Nebraska and Texas and limit the DMF searches solely to in-force policies and accounts?

Audit Trends and Updates from the Field

Ann Fulmer, Director of Consulting

The ongoing struggle between state efforts to increase compliance with unclaimed property statutes and company efforts to protect assets and client accounts from being prematurely declared unclaimed property continues to creates an atmosphere of distrust between both parties. This article details some of the current unclaimed property audit trends encountered by members of the Keane Consulting team while assisting holders under audit.

Delaware’s Recent Legislative Activity – How does it Impact Companies Currently under Audit as well as Those Considering the SOS VDA Program?

Debbie L. Zumoff, Chief Compliance Officer & National Consulting Practice Leader and Ann Fulmer, Director, Consulting & Advisory Services

Through new legislation and the release of regulations governing audits and the Secretary of State (SOS) Voluntary Disclosure (VDA) program, new opportunities and concerns have been created for companies currently under audit by the state of Delaware. With this new flexibility comes various pros and cons associated with each choice. As such, it’s extremely important for companies to carefully weigh each option before choosing the best path.

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