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Looking for escheat laws for each state? Get started with our guide to state unclaimed property laws.

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Keanotes Winter 2017Escheat laws by state can be difficult to keep track of, as no two states interpret unclaimed property in the same way. State escheatment laws can differ based on a variety of factors, including property type, dormancy period, and compliance requirements, among other factors.

Keanotes®, our industry leading compliance journal, eases the burden of tracking the various escheat laws by state by providing an in-depth view and analysis of unclaimed property regulations and state escheatment laws. Keanotes also includes editorial coverage of ongoing legislation changes, legislative summaries of escheat rules by state, guest columnists from state and industry professionals, Q&A sessions, continuous interpretation and recommendations to effectively comply with unclaimed property laws while increasing your company’s bottom line.

The compliance experts at Keane can help to keep you up to date the various escheat laws by state by providing real-time alerts when significant changes are made to unclaimed property regulations and state escheatment laws. Subscribers to Keane’s Unclaimed Property Compliance Portal will also receive access to view additional details on the legislative change, including a summary of the legislation and an analysis of its impact.

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Contents of Latest Issue

Securities Update: Commercial Stock Transfer Agents & Their Issuers Facing Equity Audits

by Cornel Lupu, Senior Manager, Keane Consulting & Advisory Services Team

Kelmar Associates has been retained by many states as their third party auditor to spearhead this recent barrage of securities audits. Within the past few months it has become apparent that Kelmar is taking two different approaches with their multi-state securities or equity related audits.

Banking Industry Update: Another Wave of Audits

Laurie Andrews, Senior Manager, Keane Consulting & Advisory Services

As we continue to see an increase in unclaimed property compliance audits, we have noticed the number of compliance audits increasing within the Financial Institutions sector. Financial Institutions, which have historically been a compliant industry, should take the time to do a health check to prepare for the possibility of a compliance audit.

Delaware Promulgation of Regulations: Holder Options to Consider

Ann Fulmer, Director, Keane Consulting & Advisory Services

The last few months have been very busy for the state of Delaware. On October 1, 2017, Delaware released the long awaited Department of Finance Abandoned or Unclaimed Property Reporting and Examination Manual. While the Manual does not address issues raised by recent court cases, it provides certain protections for Holders in the event of […]

Spring Unclaimed Property Reporting Overview

Ray Boone, Executive Vice President & Joe Pollock, Vice President of Unclaimed Property Reporting Operations

Within unclaimed property circles, the majority of attention is paid to the Fall reporting cycle, where the majority of state deadlines fall on either October 31st or November 1st. While many practitioners can breathe a sigh of relief after these deadlines pass, the next reporting cycle for the group of states with Spring deadlines actually begins on November 1.

Tennessee and Illinois Pull from RUUPA: Confusion Ensues

Heather Gabell, J.D., Director of Compliance

Legislation in Tennessee and Illinois illustrate how the states are choosing to adopt RUUPA on a piecemeal basis, modifying key provisions to suit their purposes, under the overarching premise of returning unclaimed property to its rightful owner.

Illinois Removes B2B Exemptions: What Happened & What’s Next?

Paul MacCready, Director of Liability Reduction & Remediation Services

Illinois’ decision to adopt a majority of the provisions recommended in the 2016 Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (RUUPA) presents a dilemma for companies that have historically elected to take advantage of the Illinois business-to-business (B2B) exemptions.

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