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Escheat laws by state can be difficult to keep track of, as no two states interpret unclaimed property in the same way. State escheatment laws can differ based on a variety of factors, including property type, dormancy period, and compliance requirements, among other factors.

Keanotes®, our industry leading compliance journal, eases the burden of tracking the various escheat laws by state by providing an in-depth view and analysis of unclaimed property regulations and state escheatment laws. Keanotes also includes editorial coverage of ongoing legislation changes, legislative summaries of escheat rules by state, guest columnists from state and industry professionals, Q&A sessions, continuous interpretation and recommendations to effectively comply with unclaimed property laws while increasing your company’s bottom line.

The compliance experts at Keane can help to keep you up to date the various escheat laws by state by providing real-time alerts when significant changes are made to unclaimed property regulations and state escheatment laws. Subscribers to Keane’s Unclaimed Property Compliance Portal will also receive access to view additional details on the legislative change, including a summary of the legislation and an analysis of its impact.

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Contents of Latest Issue

The Big Easy: Effortless Solutions to Maximize Unclaimed Property Revenue Potential

Featuring: Paul MacCready, Vice President – Liability Reduction & Remediation and Sandy Willard, Vice President – Corporate Asset Recovery

Interview with Sandy Willard, VP of Corporate Asset Recovery (CAR) and Paul MacCready, VP Liability Reduction & Remediation (LRR). Sandy and Paul provided insight and information on how CAR and LRR can maximize companies unclaimed property revenue potential.

On the Horizon: What’s New at Keane

Ray Boone - Executive Vice President, Unclaimed Property Reporting & Consulting

This article, by Ray Boone, focuses on Keane’s Reporting Team enhancements to its internal technology and platform to be nimble and flexible in making changes to state reporting requirements.

Protecting Acquiring Companies from Unforeseen Unclaimed Property Risks

Ann Fulmer, CPA, CFE - National Practice Leaders, Consulting & Advisory Services

Ann Fulmer, CPA, CFL shares information, best practices and various approaches on protecting acquiring companies from unclaimed property risks.

One Company’s Path to GDPR and Privacy Compliance

Angela Gholson Tamhane, Chief Compliance Officer

Learn about Keane’s path to GDPR and privacy compliance through company-wide reviews, certifications and IT support. Also, take a look at what new laws and federal regulations are in process that may impact privacy compliance in the coming years.

Looking Ahead in 2019: Current Trends in State Compliance Efforts

Ann Fulmer, CPA, CFE – National Practice Leader, Consulting & Advisory Services

Unclaimed property is constantly evolving as states continue to propose and enact legislation, while also expanding compliance efforts via increased audits and guided self-audits.

Litigation Update

Heather Gabell, J.D., Director of Compliance

Heather Gabell, J.D. analyzes important litigations Univar, Inc. v. Geisenberger, et al., Minnesota v. Hall and S. David Goldberg v. Michael W. Frerichs and he impact these litigations have on unclaimed property.

RUUPA Round Up

Keane Compliance Team

State legislatures are updating their unclaimed property laws in accordance with the 2016 Revised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (RUUPA). In addition to RUUPA, state legislators also refer to the American Bar Association’s Model Act and the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

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