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Keanotes®: Unclaimed Property News, Laws and Trends

All Eyes on DelawareEscheat laws by state can be difficult to keep track of, as no two states interpret unclaimed property in the same way. State escheatment laws can differ based on a variety of factors, including property type, dormancy period, and compliance requirements, among other factors.

Keanotes®, our industry leading compliance journal, eases the burden of tracking the various escheat laws by state by providing an in-depth view and analysis of unclaimed property regulations and state escheatment laws. Keanotes also includes editorial coverage of ongoing legislation changes, legislative summaries of escheat rules by state, guest columnists from state and industry professionals, Q&A sessions, continuous interpretation and recommendations to effectively comply with unclaimed property laws while increasing your company’s bottom line.

The compliance experts at Keane can help to keep you up to date the various escheat laws by state by providing real-time alerts when significant changes are made to unclaimed property regulations and state escheatment laws. Subscribers to Keane’s Unclaimed Property Compliance Portal will also receive access to view additional details on the legislative change, including a summary of the legislation and an analysis of its impact.

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Contents of Latest Issue

All Eyes on Delaware: DE SB 13 Update

Heather Gabell, J.D., Director, Unclaimed Property Compliance

Delaware SB 13 significantly revises and rewrites Delaware Unclaimed Property Law. Keane’s Compliance Team recaps and reviews the key components of the legislation and its impact on the holder community.

FinTech & Unclaimed Property: A New Industry with New Challenges

Ann Fulmer, Director, Consulting

Given the relative newness of the industry and the intrinsic dormancy periods associated with unclaimed property, those in the FinTech industry are just now learning the potential exposures related to unclaimed property – the hard way.

Unclaimed Property Considerations for Companies with Large Subscriber Populations

Sara Lima, Partner and Freda Pepper, Counsel; Reed Smith LLP

Companies with large subscriber populations, such as telecommunications companies, utility companies, cable, satellite and broadband providers, streaming media and software providers, are faced with their own unique set of unclaimed property challenges, often due to the sheer volume of transactions, regulatory bureaucracy, and complex merger activity. This article will detail issues involving particular types of property—those either especially prevalent among or unique to large-subscriber companies.

After the Reports Have Been Filed – Now What?

Laurie Andrews, Technical Director, Unclaimed Property Reporting

At the conclusion of each reporting cycle, what should your organization do next to help ensure that you remain in compliance – so that all of your hard work wasn’t all for naught? This article details that activities and processes that should be addressed after the reports have been filed.

Unclaimed Property as a Profit Center

Brian Adams, Manager Unclaimed Property Reporting & Bob Murray, Executive Consultant

With a bit of know-how and some in-depth research, assets prevented from escheatment can become a recurring source of revenue used to fund operations – making unclaimed property a profit center instead of a liability. Keane’s Pre-Escheatment Remediation Service can help you recognize the potential revenue in your company’s unclaimed property file.

Litigation Update – Spring 2017

Heather Gabell, J.D., Director, Unclaimed Property Compliance

Keane’s Compliance Team provides an update on several prominent pieces of unclaimed property litigation or legislation stemming from recent Court decisions.

Newly Appointed Directors in Keane’s Unclaimed Property Reporting Group

Alex Formariz and Laurie Andrews have been named as Directors within Keane’s Unclaimed Property Reporting division. The new Directors also share some spring escheat reporting reminders.

Broker Dealer & Mutual Fund Industry Updates

Debbie L. Zumoff, J.D. Chief Compliance Officer & National Consulting Practice Leader and Ann Fulmer Director, Consulting

As Keane anticipated, strong compliance initiatives continued throughout the Broker-Dealer and Mutual Fund industries in 2016. Companies continued to expand and solidify their policies and procedures to capture account owner generated activities to protect accounts from being considered escheat eligible, while at the same time the states and third party auditors continued to expand and modify their definition of what they considered to be reportable accounts.

Insurance Industry Update

Paul MacCready, Director, Insurance Solutions

Given the vast unclaimed property turmoil through the insurance industry in recent years, 2016 was relatively quiet.

Banking Industry Update

Pamela Wentz Director, Consulting

We expect the number of unclaimed property audits of banks to increase in 2017 as more third party auditors expand into the industry. This will likely result in more challenges about the types of transactions that can be considered customer generated activity.

Oil & Gas Industry Update

Quin Moore, Senior Consultant

As oil and gas companies continue to become better educated in unclaimed property, they would be well advised to implement more comprehensive reporting procedures that include all potential types of unclaimed property in addition to the focus on suspended royalties.

VDA & Enforcement Update

Pamela Wentz, Director, Consulting

As various states consider changing portions of state law based in part on the latest Uniform Unclaimed Property Act, these changes may most likely impact enforcement efforts and voluntary compliance initiatives. As a result, voluntary compliance initiatives will continue to be fluid in 2017 and beyond.

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