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Donation Booster Programs

A New Avenue for Increasing Donations

Historically, a charity or non-profit organization receives 75% of its contributions from individual donors. In 2014, over $358 billion was donated to charitable organizations – with more than $258 billion coming from individual donors.

These individual contributions are the lifeblood of most non-profit and charitable organizations, and development executives and fundraising professionals must regularly look for new ways to engage with their donor base.

States estimate that 1 in every 10 Americans has unclaimed or abandoned assets currently held by state treasuries and unclaimed property administrations. Many of these owners are unaware that these assets even exist, or became disconnected from these assets due to a variety of reasons. In total these state agencies hold more than $42 billion in unclaimed assets; with billions more added each year.

It is estimated that for every 100,000 donors your organization has, there is the potential to recover $5 million in unclaimed assets – much of which can be donated directly to your non-profit organization.

What is a Donation Booster Program?

Leveraging our 65+ years of unclaimed property experience and expertise, Keane’s Donation Booster Programs are highly effective means of increasing contributions through the recovery of unclaimed or abandoned assets on behalf of your donors – with no upfront investment or strain on your internal resources.

Utilizing our asset recovery services, expertise, and infrastructure, we identify which of your donors may potentially be owners of abandoned or unclaimed assets and provide them with a clear path to redirect all or some of that “found money” to you through a simple and streamlined process. Participating donors or members can recover assets with no fee to them and gift them to your organization with related tax benefits.

Our Donation Booster Programs are not resource-intensive for your staff, nor should they be disruptive to any other campaign(s) you may have underway.  All related communications flow through our knowledgeable staff, enabling you and your team to remain focused on the mission of your organization. This is designed to be a “plug and play,” whereas your organization simply leverages the know-how, navigation of State requirements and Keane’s proven processes and existing infrastructure.

Why Implement a Donation Booster Program?

Your donors already admire what you do – and now you have a chance to do something for them.  By reuniting them with their unclaimed assets, you are providing them another vehicle with which to give – without impacting their own cash-flow. Your donors will be happy to be reunited with their lost assets and appreciate you for providing such a valuable service.

For additional information on Keane’s Donation Booster Programs, please contact us at Questions@KeaneUP.com.

You benefit. Your donors benefit. Those you support benefit.

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