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Customized Communication Programs

As no two companies are the same, Keane offers customized communication programs that meet the unique needs of our individual clients. Keane’s experienced team specializes in designing unclaimed property solutions that are crafted to the exact specification and requirements of our clients. We tailor programs to help clients reduce unclaimed property liability, retain assets under management, recover their own unclaimed assets, service their customers and shareholders, and maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. From uncashed check reissuance programs to oddlot programs and beyond, Keane is uniquely skilled to customize a solution for you.

Oddlot Programs

Spin-offs, reorganizations, and other corporate events can cause an unintended shift in the registered shareholder bases of public companies, as they can create a disproportionally high, imbalanced degree of shareholders owning fewer than 100 shares.  While many of these “oddlot holders” are active investors, a significant percent of them are incidental and passive about their holdings.

Over the past 20+ years, more than one thousand public companies have provided an Oddlot Program as a means for their shareholders to manage their holdings.  These customized communication programs allow active investors to maintain their current investment or to increase their ownership by purchasing additional shares.  Likewise, those incidental and passive shareholders will welcome the opportunity to conveniently sell their shares.

Keane’s Oddlot Program benefits shareholders by providing them with a convenient and cost-effective opportunity to manage their shares.  Our programs are also beneficial to the company by providing a detailed analysis of their shareholder composition, providing greater insight into the makeup of their investor base.

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