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West Virginia Eliminates Select Property Type Codes

The West Virginia State Treasury Office Unclaimed Property Division has made a few changes to their National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) approved Property Type Code Table. The following unclaimed property type codes have been eliminated:

  • AC11 – Non-Interest Bearing Checking Accounts
  • AC12 – Interest Bearing Checking Accounts
  • AC13 – Non-Interest Bearing Savings Accounts
  • AC14 – Interest Bearing Savings Accounts
  • AC16 – Non-Interest Bearing Christmas and Vacation Club Funds

To review the updated list of property codes from the West Virginia State Treasury Office and their corresponding dormancy periods, please visit the West Virginia State Treasury Office website.

We will continue to monitor any pending legislation and provide updates here on our blog and in Keanotes—our Unclaimed Property Newsletter.

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