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Unclaimed Property: Are You at Risk?

Did you know that normal business and life events can create circumstances that generate unclaimed property compliance obligations? It’s true and it can put your client relationships and assets under management at risk. Here at Keane Unclaimed Property, we work to make sure that this doesn’t happen by outlining ways in which your company can remain complaint throughout the year allowing you to continuously build relationships, not break them.

In a recent article titled “Unclaimed Property: Are You at Risk,” featured in the November/December issue of Practice Management Solutions, Dorothy Flynn, CEO at Keane Unclaimed Property, talks about some of the common red flags organizations should become familiar with in order to protect their clients and companies. The red flags include address accuracy, client’s life status, account activity and overall data quality.

By becoming familiar with these red flags, companies can ensure that they are meeting new regulations, mitigating problems as soon as possible and continuing to service their clients as best they can.

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