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Keanotes Legislative Updates (current through 8/17/10)

Abandoned Property, Legislative Updates, State Escheatment, Unclaimed Property, Unclaimed Property Law

Legislative Update Key Introduced – used for Legislation Passed – used for Legislation Proposed – used for Regulations Adopted –used for Regulations Prefiled – drafted bills and resolutions to be numbered, printed, made available for public review, and scheduled for hearing before the actual start of session. HAWAII GIFT CARD ESCHEATMENT HB 2289 Introduced 1/22/2010, […]

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Dormant Account Escheat Rules:
When Client Accounts Become Inactive

Dormancy Periods, Escheat Consulting, Escheatment

Time and time again at Keane Unclaimed Property, advisory firms will come to us in an effort to avoid dormant account escheatment by finding a client who has essentially disappeared. Maybe they’ve moved to a new address without notifying their investment firm, perhaps they’ve removed the IRA from their brokerage account or even passed on. […]

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Unclaimed Property: Are You at Risk of Escheatment?
Debbie Zumoff on Good Day Orlando

Abandoned Property, Unclaimed Property

Here at Keane Unclaimed Property, we continue to see a number of consumers losing valuable assets due to escheatment and are constantly working to keep them informed of their states’ abandoned property laws and the importance of keeping their accounts active. Recently, Debbie Zumoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer at Keane Unclaimed Property, […]

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NAST/NAUPA May 2010 Annual Conference Summary
Debbie Zumoff, CCO

Unclaimed Property

In spectacular and scenic Salt Lake City, the National Association of State Treasurers held its annual Treasury Management Conference and Exposition which included a full track dedicated to unclaimed property issues.  While geared mainly to the primary audience of state treasurers and their unclaimed property administrators, much information was provided throughout several sessions that was […]

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Why are Organizations Willing to Risk Escheat Audits?

Best Practices, Compliance, Escheat Audits, Unclaimed Property Audit, Unclaimed Property Reporting

At this point, you probably know that many organizations are carrying unclaimed property and are in danger of  escheat audits. But why do companies seem to be so willing to risk non-compliance? While many companies are aware of unclaimed property compliance requirements, some will just wait until they get hit with an escheat audit to […]

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