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Arizona Unclaimed Property Dormancy Periods Reduced Across The Board – Travelers Checks & Money Orders Reduced The Most

Dormancy Periods, Legislative Alerts, Unclaimed Checks

This post is to advise that on 11/23/09, the Arizona Legislature passed SB 1003 reducing dormancy periods for purposes of unclaimed property reporting. The new legislation reduces dormancy periods for all property types by one year, except the dormancy period for travelers checks will be reduced from 15 to 3 years (an amendment is pending […]

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Escheatment Audit Frequency is on the Rise in Louisiana

Escheatment, State Escheatment, Unclaimed Property Audit

I’ve talked in the past about escheatment audit risk, the increased scrutiny companies are facing, and the rising state interest in unclaimed property. The bottom line is that unclaimed and abandoned property contributes a large amount of revenue to the States’…well, their top line revenue! Apropos to that, I came across a story in the Time Picayune in New Orleans, LA […]

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Escheatment laws remain a hot topic at state and Federal levels

Abandoned Property, Escheat Law, Escheatment

We’ve been discussing a couple of recent news items related to escheat laws that really drive home the risk management issues associated with unclaimed, abandoned or escheated property. The first story is from The Times Picayune in New Orleans, LA. Benny Spann, director of the Unclaimed Property Division of the state’s  Treasury Department details Louisiana’s escheatment audit and unclaimed property efforts. […]

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Gift Card Escheatment Rules Changes Proposed by the Fed

Gift Card Escheatment

The Fed jumped into the holiday spirit with a recent proposal that impacts gift card escheatment rules. Since it was announced, we have been having some internal discussions here about the news yesterday that the Federal Reserve is proposing changes to the rules that govern gift card and certificate expirations – and their eventual escheatment to State […]

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Experts from Keane Unclaimed Property offer tips on audit prevention, best practices and compliance

Best Practices, Compliance, Unclaimed Property Audit, Unclaimed Property Reporting

In an ongoing effort to educate finance, accounting and compliance departments about their company’s unclaimed property risks, Keane Unclaimed Property is offering a unique opportunity to connect directly with Keane Unclaimed Property’s subject matter experts. An online Audit Risk Assessment is being made available to those who are interested in a way to evaluate their […]

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