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Cayman Island’s Unclaimed Property Law Causes Uproar

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With reporting deadlines occurring at the end of this month, we are constantly keeping abreast of issues involving unclaimed property and dormant accounts—even ones occurring outside the United States. A recent article caught our attention from CaymanNewsService titled “Law fundamentally ‘flawed’” as it raised some unclaimed property law issues that have and continue to occur […]

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New Jersey Unclaimed Property Law Revision Leads to Legal Trouble


As you might have guessed, New Jersey’s attempt to collect an additional $79.5 million in revenue per year by revising the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act is causing a legal uproar in Trenton’s federal court. Monday’s article on which covered the proposed unclaimed property law revision caught our eye, as there are currently three lawsuits […]

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Michigan HB 6421 – Signed into Law by the Governor – Reduces Unclaimed Property Dormancy Periods

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Michigan’s new reporting bill, HB 6421 – introduced on September 8th, was signed into law by the Governor on October 5, 2010.  The details are summarized below: General dormancy period from 5 to 3 years. Money orders from 7 years to 3 years. Any sum payable on a check, draft, or similar instrument from 5 years […]

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NJ Abandoned Property: Gift Card and Travelers Check Amendment

Abandoned Property, Abandoned Property Law, Dormancy Periods, Escheat Law, Escheatment, Gift Card Escheatment, State Escheatment, Travelers Checks, Unclaimed Property, Unclaimed Property Law

American Express as well as the New Jersey Retail Merchants Association have targeted a recent law which altered the length of time upon which the state can seize travelers check and unused gift card balances. American Express is concerned with travelers checks and the NJRMA is unhappy with the law’s implications on gift cards. New […]

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