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Unclaimed Property Compliance: Changing Rules for Business

Abandoned Property, Compliance, Unclaimed Property, Unclaimed Property Audit, Unclaimed Property Law, Unclaimed Property Reporting

Keane’s National Managing Director, Valerie Jundt, weighs in on unclaimed property compliance challenges to MarketWatch If you’re a regular reader of the Keane blog, you know we frequently write about the challenges companies face when it comes to unclaimed property compliance – one of the reasons being that every state has its own rules depending […]

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Missouri Unclaimed Property Reporting: Legislature Proposes Changes to Unclaimed Property Law

Escheat Law, State Escheatment, Unclaimed Property, Unclaimed Property Law, Unclaimed Property Reporting

On February 2, 2011, Missouri unclaimed property reporting met new stipulations. The Legislature submitted a bill proposing a business-to-business exemption to its Missouri unclaimed property law. The proposed law exempts any "intangible property due or owed by a business association to, or for the benefit of, another business association resulting from a transaction occurring in […]

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Keane Hires Expert Unclaimed Property Consultant

Other News, Unclaimed Property

Valerie M. Jundt Joins Keane to Lead National Consulting & Advisory Group Last week, we announced that unclaimed property consultant, Valerie M. Jundt, joined our team as the National Managing Director of our National Consulting & Advisory Services group. Valerie will be leading this practice from her office in Bismarck, North Dakota. We’re thrilled to […]

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Texas Steps Up Unclaimed Property Audit Program

Abandoned Property, State Escheatment, Unclaimed Property, Unclaimed Property Audit, Unclaimed Property Law

Last week we blogged about how some of the states are beefing up their unclaimed property audit programs to continue aggressively targeting companies who are not complying with unclaimed property laws. Adding its name to the list of states hiring or renewing auditors, Texas has just announced it has awarded two contracts for providing professional […]

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Winter 2010: State Unclaimed Property Laws, Dormancy Periods, & Reporting Legislative / Regulatory Updates

Abandoned Property, Dormancy Periods, Legislative Alerts, Unclaimed Property, Unclaimed Property Law, Unclaimed Property Reporting

WINTER 2011 (Current through 12/13/10) Legislative Update Key Introduced – used for Legislation Passed – used for Legislation Proposed – used for Regulations Adopted –used for Regulations Prefiled – drafted bills and resolutions to be numbered, printed, made available for public review, and scheduled for hearing before the actual start of session. Gift Card Escheatment […]

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