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The Times, They Are A Changing

The Times, They Are A Changing

Legislative Updates, Unclaimed Property Law

As increasing retirement savings continues to be a concern among Americans, will the rules surrounding unclaimed IRAs and 401(k) plans change? May 2018: IRS Issues Revenue Ruling 2018-17 Regarding Unclaimed IRAs The escheatment of an IRA account constitutes a designated distribution, subject to a 10% federal withholding. Trustees/custodians of the IRA must issue a 1099R […]

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Accounting for Unclaimed Property

Abandoned Property, Compliance, Unclaimed Property, Unclaimed Property Law, Unclaimed Property Reporting

Escheatment is the process of remitting an asset to the state of the address of record as unclaimed property. When not correctly managed and reported, the historic unclaimed property liability coupled with the risk of state audits – and subsequent fines and penalties for non-compliance – become material to your annual reviews, findings, and ultimate opinions. And, given the […]

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Gift Card Escheatment Laws

Abandoned Property, Abandoned Property Law, Compliance, Dormancy Periods, Escheat Law, Escheatment, Gift Card Escheatment, State Escheatment, Unclaimed Property, Unclaimed Property Law, Unclaimed Property Reporting

Update 2019: Are gift cards escheatable? Unfortunately, the answer is not simple as each state and territory have different unclaimed property laws regarding gift cards and the time before escheatment. These differences in state laws impact gift card breakage, the revenue companies gain through unredeemed gift cards. The Electronic Funds Transfer Act and the Consumer […]

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Escheatment Audit: Kelmar Associates Increasing Focus on Equity & Debt-Related Property in Enforcement Audits

Escheat Audits, Unclaimed Property Law

Kelmar Associates has been retained as the third-party auditor initiating a recent surge in multi-state examinations that has taken place in recent weeks. These unclaimed property audits of public corporations are specific in scope to securities or equity-related property. During this period of increased audit activity, audit notices on behalf of multiple states were sent directly to an individual at the issuer/holder or to representatives at the relevant commercial stock transfer agent.

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