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Arizona Unclaimed Property Law: Dormancy Period For Security & Bonds Back To 3 Years

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Following Arizona unclaimed property law? Some late-breaking news for you: On April 20, 2010, the Governor of Arizona signed HB 2453 into law. This bill reverts the dormancy period for Arizona security and bond property back to a 3 year dormancy, up from 2 years. The legislation reverses the recently enacted Senate Bill 1003 which […]

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Under Delaware Abandoned Property Law, CA, Inc. To Pay A Staggering $17.6 Million

Abandoned Property Law, Compliance, Escheat Law, Legislative Updates, Other News

This post pertains to the Delaware Abandoned Property Law, and more specifically to a recent lawsuit between DE and CA, Inc. In a stunning turn of events, the State of Delaware and CA, Inc. (“CA”) have settled their litigation pending in the Delaware Court of Chancery.  According to the terms of the agreement, CA has […]

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Escheatment laws remain a hot topic at state and Federal levels

Abandoned Property, Escheat Law, Escheatment

We’ve been discussing a couple of recent news items related to escheat laws that really drive home the risk management issues associated with unclaimed, abandoned or escheated property. The first story is from The Times Picayune in New Orleans, LA. Benny Spann, director of the Unclaimed Property Division of the state’s  Treasury Department details Louisiana’s escheatment audit and unclaimed property efforts. […]

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Courts will decide if state escheatment rules cover unclaimed WWII war bonds

Abandoned Property, Escheat Law, State Escheatment, Unclaimed Property

An interesting article regarding state escheatment rules is circulating today. It is just the latest front in the States’ continuing battle to collect unclaimed and abandoned property. Covered here by the Los Angles Times, the short version of the story is this – there are some $16.7 billion in war bonds from World War II […]

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