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Unclaimed property compliance continues to be a growing concern for banks and credit unions. In recent years, dormancy periods have become increasingly shorter, resulting in more accounts being declared dormant and escheating to the states.

How Banks & Credit Unions Can Prepare for the Fall Escheat Reporting Season

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Are you prepared for the upcoming fall escheat reporting season?  With a lengthy list of duties and obligations, it is important for banks and credit unions to be aware of the latest legislative changes impacting their industry.  Failing to understand all aspects of unclaimed property compliance and unique sets of escheat laws by state may […]

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Safe Deposit Boxes and Beyond: The Storage Wars of Unclaimed Property


The post below, authored by Sandy Willard, Keane’s Vice President of Corporate Asset Recovery, originally appeared on the  Unclaimed Property Professional’s Blog. If you’ve seen the show “Storage Wars”, you know from the tagline of the show that “when storage units are abandoned, the treasures within are put up for auction.” In the unclaimed property world, there […]

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Illinois Introduces HB 4242: Certified Mailings and Pre-Report Requirements

Illinois Introduces HB 4242: Certified Mailings and Pre-Report Requirements

Banking, Legislative Alerts, Unclaimed Property Reporting

On January 21, 2014, Illinois House Bill 4242 was introduced into the Illinois Legislature.  HB 4242 provides that due diligence must now be sent by certified mail. If passed, Illinois would be joining a handful of other states that require certified mailings as part of the due diligence requirements. The bill also outlines a specific […]

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