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Keane Experts Participate in Canada Unclaimed Property Holder Seminar

In the last few months, we have discussed the recent developments of Canadian unclaimed property laws and programs across the provinces.  In an effort to further holder education and receive insight from industry experts, the Unclaimed Property Professionals Organization (UPPO) hosted a seminar for industry professionals this past week in Toronto, Canada.

Keane attended and played an integral role in the seminar with participation in discussions covering the fundamentals of unclaimed property as well as the practical, technical, and legal implications holders encounter when filing reports. Debbie Zumoff, Keane’s Chief Compliance Officer and current President of UPPO, welcomed attendees to the seminar and provided insight on how property goes unclaimed in the first place.

In her capacity as UPPO’s President, Debbie was asked to take some time to speak with reporters regarding the nearly one billion dollars of unclaimed property in Canada.  In Debbie’s interview with Canada station CHCH she stated, “There are many different reasons why a person may not know they have unclaimed assets. It can be as simple as moving and forgetting to change your address. Or people die. Often times without a will, without a plan, without a trust for your family members to know where you’ve squirreled away assets.”

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Keane would like to thank the Unclaimed Property Professionals Organization for hosting the holder seminar and providing a unique opportunity for organizations to discuss the complexities and nuances of unclaimed property in an open forum.

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